“The Bonzanos above and below the form” by Linda Kaiser

"The Bonzanos above and below the form" by Linda Kaiser

Bonzanos artistic research group is focused on the theme of the body, understood as interactive architecture and connective between the individual and others, between the self and the universe. This container of questions and doubts is a visible and tangible matter of what the human being is invisible and elusive : emotions and soul.

The three members of the group Bonzanos consider themselves followers of an artistic discipline, which they define as “emotional physiognomy”.

The pseudo-scientific physiognomy “traditional” wanted to deduct the psychological and moral character from physical appearance of a person and his facial expressions. The “emotional physiognomy”, however, is the study of signs determined by the emotions of the human body, evidence of an inner spiritual life.

The emotions experienced produce expressive signs that trigger a process of transfiguration also those physical forms attributed by genetics.

Reveal these signs, detectable perhaps only through artistic intuition, is testament to the relationship between material life and emotional experiences, almost a photographic restitution of the human soul. The artists in the group Bonzanos draw bodies consist of wires , which create animated human figures in space through reflective surfaces, in which they encounter their own half mirror or your partner or your own “double”.

The mirror metaphor of a “here ” and a “beyond”, is a keystone in the work of Bonzanos. This sort of “breakthrough” of the limitations that make the finished sculpture, the work itself also entering the space surrounding it, along with the dimension of time , is the “cage” mystery in which the human being is forced to live their existence.

Genoa, March 20, 2014

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